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Single crystal sapphire (Sapphire, chemical formula Al2O3).

It is one of the hardest and strongest materials in non-equal crystals and is chemically inert.

With low coefficient of friction, excellent optical and insulating properties and high temperature resistance (1600 °C.).
It is 8 times more resistant than steel. Due to these unique physical and wide optical transmission ranges (170 - 5500 nm)
Using sapphire as a material, for ultraviolet light, visible light and near-infrared rays can maintain good penetration in the optical environment under high temperature, high pressure, chemical erosion or abrasion.
Sapphire Applications Windows - In a plasma environment, sapphire provides better corrosion resistance than quartz.

Analytical Applications: Sapphire is used in analytical applications encountered in combination of high temperature, pressure, and hydrofluoric acid species.

These applications require the sapphire's resistance to corrosion, when other materials such as UV (ultraviolet) or IR (infrared) are often required for transmission.

Analytical Chemistry - for many spectroscopy, ICAP, and other systems,
Sapphire replacement quartz products provide better UV transmission for improved durability and reduced contamination.

Medical Applications: Sapphire is used in surgery for laser transmission and tissue contact.
Surgery - Sapphire is used in a variety of surgical laser applications

Endoscopes - Sapphire is often used in endoscopes.
Due to its robustness to tissue contact and in an insulating environment such as: vacuum heating

Optical Applications: Sapphire is used for short and long wavelength applications of UV and IR IR light)
Beyond the range that is fully performed by optics. High temperature and extreme environments and the need to take advantage of the optical use of sapphire.

Illumination window - for very high brightness illumination, the sapphire window provides a very wide transmission.

Sapphire lightguides - Sapphire rulers and use in high temperature temperatures can receive a range other than the quartz can receive.

Watch industry: Sapphire is widely used as a surface glass.


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