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E-create Technology (Lianyungang) CO., LTD.
E-create Technology (Lianyungang) CO., LTD
We mainly do all kinds of quartz glass processing and manufacturing.
Our products from the source began to control, quartz products direct manufacturers
Quartz plate, block  , quartz bar, quartz tube, and various types of optical glass, sapphire glass material trading such as various types of diffusion, LPCVD, oxidation, sintering, etc.> quartz crystal boat, quartz furnace tube, quartz furnace cover, quartz TANK, etc.), such as various types of polarized, semiconductors, semiconductor, optoelectronics, communications, solar energy , A full set of equipment design, manufacturing.
Optocoupler required for all types of quartz substrate.

Professional quartz products made of spare parts, such as: screws, flanges, plugs, joints and so on.

Various types of optical components manufacturing, design, research and development.

All kinds of materials cutting, grinding, polishing, such as: transparent quartz board, Si & ceramic grinding and polishing

Professional foundry cutting quartz, glass, coated board.
  • Dec
    Glass deep hole, micro hole, fine hole processing

    Stone cutter cutting has thin slice, narrow slit and high precision; reduce the surface roughness of the machined surface and improve the quality of the machined surface. High precision, versatility and high efficiency2, the light spot is small, the energy is concentrated, and the heat affected zone

  • Apr
    Introduction to cold working process of quartz glass

    The deep processing of quartz glass refers to the processing of quartz glass raw materials (tubular, rod-shaped, sheet-like, block-shaped) into quartz devices required by users, and is divided into two types of cold working and hot working in the adding method. The following is a detailed descriptio


We mainly do all kinds of quartz glass processing and manufacturing.




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