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  • 12-09
    Glass deep hole, micro hole, fine hole processing

    Stone cutter cutting has thin slice, narrow slit and high precision; reduce the surface roughness of the machined surface and improve the quality of the machined surface. High precision, versatility and high efficiency2, the light spot is small, the energy is concentrated, and the heat affected zone Read More »

  • 04-21
    Introduction to cold working process of quartz glass

    The deep processing of quartz glass refers to the processing of quartz glass raw materials (tubular, rod-shaped, sheet-like, block-shaped) into quartz devices required by users, and is divided into two types of cold working and hot working in the adding method. The following is a detailed descriptio Read More »

  • 04-21
    Glass laser processing

    The original femtosecond laser in the laboratory is now being used in a series of industrial micromachining applications, and is increasingly expected by the glass processing industry. Depending on the application or the data, the micro-machining equipment that blends the femtosecond laser provides Read More »

  • 04-21
    Glass deep hole micropore fine hole processing

    First, forming processingGlass ultra-deep, long hole, round hole, hole, cavity, shaped through hole, curved hole processing; glass slot processing; glass micro-milling;Second, cutting processingUltrasonic precision cutting than King KongFirst, forming processingGlass ultra-deep, long hole, round hol Read More »

  • 12-09

    Single crystal sapphire (Sapphire, chemical formula Al2O3).It is one of the hardest and strongest materials in non-equal crystals and is chemically inert.With low coefficient of friction, excellent optical and insulating properties and high temperature resistance (1600 °C.). It is 8 times more resis Read More »

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