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Precision Machining

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The excellent chemical stability and optical properties of glass microchannels are ideal materials for the preparation of microchannel devices and photocatalytic microreactors. They are widely used in traditional chemistry and biology because of their great potential in biology, chemistry and medicine. Developed into a new research field where biology, chemistry, medicine, fluids, electronics, materials, machinery and other disciplines intersect.

The high technical content of the glass microchannel has a relatively high precision requirement for the processed product. The contour of the processing tank, the material removal rate during processing, and the flow rate of the abrasive are quite accurate. The apparent quality and transmittance of some processors in Shenzhen are not high enough, which affects the experimental observation; the thickness tolerance and groove depth of the processing precision fail to meet the processing requirements. For micro-flow processing technology, a few companies in China can achieve high precision requirements.

Processing area:

Our micro-flow device and micro-reactor prepared by glass fine processing have good chemical stability, no precipitation, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, easy surface hydration and other surface characteristics treatment; smooth and smooth surface, low driving force required; The high glass transmittance is good for observing the progress of the reaction.


Thickness tolerance: ±0.01mm

Aperture tolerance: ±0.02mm

Collapse: ≦100μm

Microfluidic processing specifications

Material: various high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant glass

Minimum groove width: 200μm

Groove depth: the groove is wide


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