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Sapphire glass production

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Brief description of sapphire substrate production process

Long crystal: the use of long crystal furnace growth large and high quality single crystal sapphire crystal

Orientation: Make sure that the sapphire crystal is in the right position on the machine,

Digging out: in a particular way from the sapphire crystal dig out the sapphire crystal bar

Rolling: Cylindrical grinding of the ingot with a cylindrical grinder to obtain precise outer dimension accuracy

Commodity inspection: to ensure that the quality of crystal bar as  well as the ingot after the size and orientation of the ingot is the  customer specifications

Orientation: Position the sapphire crystal rod accurately on a slicer for precise sectioning

Slices: Cut the sapphire crystal stick into thin chips

Grinding: Chip removal caused by chip removal and improved flatness of the chip

Chamfer: the edge of the chip trimmed into a circular arc, to improve  the mechanical strength of the edge of the sheet to avoid stress  concentration caused by defects

Polishing: Improves chip roughness to the surface of the epitaxial wafer

Cleaning: remove the surface of the chip contaminants (such as: dust particles, metal, organic taint, etc.)

Inspection: to high-precision testing equipment to test the chip  quality (flatness, surface dust particles, etc.), in line with customer  requirements

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