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Laser protection lens, laser welding protective lens, quartz protection film

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Of laser protection lens, laser window lens, lens, YAG laser protection quartz protect welding machine, cutting machine protection lens, lens protection lenses, marking machine protection lens dust lens manufacturers selling quartz K9 laser cutting machine welding machine protection glasses.

The diameter (mm) thickness (mm) is suitable for the wavelength of the machine

20 1 K9/ quartz handheld welding head 1064nm

2. 4 K9/ quartz fiber optic cutting machine large family 1064nm25K9/ quartz chinese-russian cutting machine 1064nm

25 4 K9/ quartz 1064nm

4 K9/ quartz fiber optic machine, high energy, qingyuan 500W 1064nm

28 4 K9/ quartz 1064nm

30 1/1.5 K9/ quartz 1064nm

303/5 K9/ quartz fiber cutting 1064nm

2. 4 K9/ quartz China protection film 1064nm

33/5 K9/ quartz collar optical fiber cutting machine 1064nm

35 4 K9/ quartz 1064nm

5 K9/ quartz fiber cutting machine 1064nm

37 7 quartz 1064nm

38 2 K9/ quartz stars 1064nm

1. 1.66 K9/ quartz family, everbright fiber cutting 1064nm

391.5/2 K9/ quartz 1064nm

401.5/2 K9/ quartz 1064nm

40 3/4 K9/ quartz dienergy, tianqi 1064nm

42 3 K9/ quartz 1064nm

K9 jinyun, 1064nm

The 502 K9/ quartz union won 1064nm

51.5 K9/ quartz union won 1064nm

75 by 2/4 K9 1064 nm

974k9 large race marking machine 1064nm

Our company of laser protection lens using imported crystal materials are precision cutting, grinding, polishing, plating processes such as fine processing and become, commonly used specifications of inventory is enough, can be customized various non-standard specifications for the customer to protect the lens. Widely used in: domestic and foreign brands, such as tide, everbright, stars, laser valley, united can win, di, hair, Mr Hua qi, chutian, business parthers, day, over, bo industry such as laser welding equipment, cutting equipment used.


We mainly do all kinds of quartz glass processing and manufacturing.




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