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Laser glass and optical glass

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(1) the optical uniformity of the laser glass - the refractive index error of ± 2 * 10 (-6), while the ordinary optical glass uniformity of its refractive index error of ± 2 * 10 (-4);

(2) the transmittance at 1054 nm is less than 0.0015 cm (-1);

(3) the content of OH and platinum in glass is very low;

A size of 500mm * 300mm * 50mm doped neodymium laser glass cost of not less than 20,000 yuan.

Laser glass is a glass-based solid laser material. It is widely used in various types of solid-state laser light, and become a high-power and high-energy laser main laser material. Laser glass and laser crystal compared to the main advantages are:

(1) is easy to prepare. The use of the process of preparing optical glass and the improvement of the technology can be achieved with a highly transparent and optically uniform glass, making it easier to produce large-sized work floor materials with low cost, large volume and high density of activated particles for high power And high-energy lasers important advantages.

(2) matrix glass is easy to change. The composition and properties of the matrix glass vary widely, and the type and amount of activators added are less restrictive, making it easier to develop a series of laser glass varieties with various characteristics.

(3) easy to shape processing. The use of optical glass thermoforming and cold processing technology, laser glass is easy to directly shape for a variety of shapes, such as rods, tablets, silk, etc. and research into a high-precision optical surface to meet the needs of a variety of device structure development.

(4) Based on the characteristics of the glass structure, that is, the orderly and remote disordered, the structural defects in the glass have little and easy effect on the properties of the broken glass. Therefore, it is easy to obtain an isotropic, The Neodymium glass due to the ability to produce laser at room temperature, the temperature quenching effect is small, light pump absorption efficiency and luminous quantum efficiency is currently the most important laser glass.

Laser glass consists of matrix glass and activated ions in two parts. The physical and chemical properties of laser glass are mainly determined by the matrix glass, and its spectral properties are mainly determined by the activation of ions. However, the interaction between the matrix glass and the activated ions interacts with each other, so the activation of ions has a certain effect on the physical and chemical properties of the laser glass, and the influence of the matrix glass on its spectral properties is sometimes quite important.


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