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How to distinguish sapphire

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Sapphire glass. Similar  to the steel jade composition, hardness of 9, you can add a variety of  chemical elements, generate a variety of colors, and now commonly used  is colorless. Its  advantages are higher than ordinary glass hardness, the price is  relatively high, mainly for the production of high-end watch the mirror.  Sapphire  glass / ruby glass has a very good thermal properties, excellent  electrical characteristics and dielectric properties, and anti-chemical  corrosion, it is high temperature, good thermal conductivity, high  hardness, through the infrared, good chemical stability. So  it is often used to replace other optical materials, optical  components, through the infrared optical window, and is widely used in  infrared and far infrared military equipment, such as: used in night  vision infrared and far infrared sight, night vision cameras and other  equipment And  optical instruments, as well as windows for high power lasers, various  optical prisms, optical windows, UV and IR windows and lenses,  low-temperature experimental observation port, high-precision  instrumentation in aerospace, etc. To be fully applied.


 Sapphire  glass (SAPPHIRE CRYSTAL) generally refers to the synthetic sapphire,  and people usually understand the jewelry - natural sapphire has a big  difference, generally used for the manufacture of watch mirror. It is anti-wear material with tungsten titanium alloy and high-tech ceramics. These  materials are resistant to abrasion, but can not withstand strong  impact, while some of the same hardness or higher material (such as:  grinding stone, sandpaper, nail down, granite surface, concrete walls  and the ground, etc.) are likely Scrape the surface of these materials. Sapphire  is a corundum gem in addition to the red ruby, the other colors known  as corundum gem, the main component is alumina (Al2O3). Sapphire glass refers to the synthetic sapphire, in the laboratory can  be easily and cheap to produce gem-level sapphire, its chemical  composition and physical properties and natural sapphire the same.

On the surface Oh breath, the fog quickly spread out for the sapphire  crystal glass, the general situation is when you put the mouth from the  top of the mirror to open the moment to disperse, look at the surface  when you can not see the fog.
 Two tapping method
 With  nails (if cut too short, find the seller to borrow, ^ _ ^) gently  tapping the surface, remember, must be light, false is likely to break,  when you want Compensation is not good, if the sound is dull sapphire crystal  surface, if it is a general crystal or glass, the sound is relatively  crisp.
 Three. Dripping method
 Conditional  circumstances, a drop of water on the surface, and then the surface up,  the water will not spread, and slowly slipped, must be slow, very slow  very slow, this is the sapphire crystal.


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