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High power infrared laser display quartz plate

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High power infrared detection quartz is a multi-functional visualization tool for assembling, calibrating, testing and monitoring high power near-infrared laser systems.

Suitable for high power system laser observation:

Ultra high damage threshold: > 100 Watts/mm2 CW is better than laser detection card!

Minimum visual laser power: 30 mW/mm2 @ 1064 nm

Range of detection bands: 900-1070 nm (converted to visible light)

3d visualisation - observe the pattern, size and shape of the spot

Transparent quartz glass passes through more than 80% of the beam

The beam in a continuous monitoring system

Embedded nanocrystalline materials - there will be no coating - coated layers!

Size of quartz glass: 20 x 20 x 2.5 mm overall (Handle overlap 2.5 mm)


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