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Characteristics of optical glass

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A glass material used to make lenses, prisms, mirrors, windows, etc. for optical instruments or mechanical systems. Including colorless optical glass (usually referred to as optical glass), colored optical glass, radiation-resistant optical glass, radiation glass and optical quartz glass. Can change the direction of light propagation, and can change the UV, visible or infrared light relative to the spectral distribution of the glass. The optical glass in the narrow sense refers to the colorless optical glass. The generalized optical glass also includes colored optical glass, laser glass, quartz optical glass, anti-radiation glass, ultraviolet infrared optical glass, fiber optic glass, sound glass, magneto-optical glass and light discoloration glass. Optical glass can be used in the manufacture of optical instruments in the lens, prism, mirrors and windows. Components made of optical glass are key components in optical instruments.

Optical glass is divided into colored optical glass and colorless optical glass two categories.

Colored optical glass is divided into phosphate glass, silicate glass. Selective absorption of glass with selenium-cadmium colored, ion-colored neutral (dark) glass ion-colored. An inorganic glassy material that transmits light by refraction, reflection, transmission, or by absorbing the intensity or spectral distribution of light. Has a stable optical properties and a high degree of optical uniformity.

I plant the production of optical quartz glass window film, can withstand high temperature and high pressure, mainly used in: special light source, optical instruments, optoelectronics, military, metallurgy, semiconductor, optical communications and other fields. It can test the temperature: 1200 degrees, softening temperature: 1730 degrees, the specific parameters are as follows.

1. JGS1 (far ultraviolet optical quartz glass)

It is an optical quartz glass melted with high purity hydrogen. Has excellent UV-through properties, especially in the short-wave ultraviolet region, its throughput performance is far better than all other glass, at 185mμ transmitt ratio of up to 90%, is 185-2500mμ band within the excellent optical materials The

2. JGS2 (UV optical quartz glass)

It is melted by hydrogen crystal of optical quartz glass. It is through the 220-2500mμ band within the good material.

3. JGS3: (infrared quartz glass)

It is a high penetration of infrared properties, transmission rate of up to 85% or more, the application of the band range of 260-3500mμ optical material.


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