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Window Optics Sheet Coating Scrub Sheet High Temperature and High Pressure Quartz Glass Customized Laser Micropore Marking Punch





Optical quartz glass has unique optical properties, which is the best material for UV transmission, and it can transmit infrared and visible spectrum. Select any band within 180-3500 nm as needed. Due to the high temperature resistance of quartz glass, the coefficient of thermal expansion is extremely small, the chemical stability is good, and the stripe, uniformity, bubble, and birefringence are better than ordinary optical glass. Therefore, it is an optical material that is indispensable in a harsh environment with a high stable optical coefficient.

It is manufactured into various shapes such as quartz sheets, lenses, and prisms as needed. Widely used in space technology, detection systems, spectroscopy instruments, high temperature window materials, optical communication and other industries.

ZS-1 is a quartz glass synthesized with sicl4. Its characteristics are no bubbles, extremely high purity, and the best ultraviolet transmission spectrum is obtained in all materials. Its application wavelength is 175-2500nm. Due to the "aqueous" in the manufacturing process. The (OH) vibration in the structural network causes the glass to have a strong absorption peak at 2730 nm without a grain structure.

ZS-2 is a quartz glass produced from synthetic or high-purity quartz raw materials. It has an absorption peak at 2730 nm and its application wavelength is 200-2500 nm. No bubble, no particle structure.

HS is an fused silica glass with almost no bubbles and streaks and almost no (OH). It is an ideal infrared ray spectroscopy material with a wavelength of 260-3500 nm.

KS visible quartz glass is quartz glass made of H2—O2 flame crystal. The absorption band is obvious in the wavelength range of 200-2500nm and 2600-3800nm.

ZKHS is a sicl4 synthetic fused silica glass. It is characterized by no obvious absorption band in the wavelength range of 185-3500 nm. It has extremely high purity, no bubble and no particle structure. It is the best performance of all kinds of quartz glass.



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