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UV photolysis germicidal lamp, UV germicidal lamp

Brand: ET
model: ET-001
place of origin: china
Colour: Transparent
Density: 2.2g/cm3
Silica content: 99.99
use: High temperature
Melting point: 1730
Annealing Point 1215
Deformation point 1120
Mohs hardness 7
Coefficient of expansion 5.5
Refractive index 1.4585

UV germicidal lamp (7)UV germicidal lamp (9)UV germicidal lamp (8)

Amalgam-UVC-Lamp-for-Water-Treatment-320W-Lamp-254nm-185nm-UV-Germicidal-Lamp.webpUltraviolet-Sterilize-Tube-Lamp-15mm-Single-End-4-Pins-10W-14W-UVC-Bactericidal-Light-UV-Germicidal-Lamp.webpUltraviolet-Sterilize-Tube-Lamp-15mm-Single-End-4-Pins-10W-14W-UVC-Bactericidal-Light-UV-Germicidal-Lamp.webp (1)

1. The application range is very wide. The disinfection of the bedroom in the family. It can disinfect the bedding, pillows, bedding and indoor air through ultraviolet radiation, especially the living room of the elderly, infants and frail patients. Frequent UV disinfection is extremely effective in improving living environment and health. In addition, this product can also regularly disinfect living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms that have not been exposed to sunlight for a long time.

2. This product can also be used in hospital wards, clinics, laboratories, injection rooms, dressing rooms, injection rooms, corporate offices, conference rooms, cafeterias, restaurant operation rooms, water treatment, central air conditioning, refrigerators, and air purifiers , Microwave ovens, disinfection cabinets, food factories, hotels, schools, hospitals, theaters, cooked food processing, schools, kindergartens, beauty salons and entertainment places and other places that need disinfection.

Application effect of UV germicidal lamp:

1. After the lamp is lit, the indoor dirty air is gradually cleaned due to the effects of ozone and ultraviolet rays. Therefore, the lamp continuously supplies the source of fresh air. The free bacteria in the air are also killed during the decomposition of ozone, which can prevent colds and other All kinds of air-borne infectious diseases prevent the transmission of hepatitis and tuberculosis.

2. Deodorant and mildew. Lighting this light in classrooms, dormitories, and bathrooms will not only deodorize but also kill larvae such as flies and mosquitoes. In a dark and humid room, you can prevent items from becoming moldy.

3. Pure physical sterilization without secondary pollution. Since UV disinfection technology does not need to add any chemicals, it will not cause secondary pollution to the surrounding environment.

4. Ultraviolet disinfection technology and disinfection efficiency are relatively environmentally friendly and non-residual in all disinfection methods.

5. It can effectively prevent 2019-nCoV, SARS, H5N1, H1N1, encephalitis and other epidemic diseases with strong transmission.

Usage and precautions of UV lamp
 Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyes and skin of humans and animals. The necessary protective equipment must be worn during operation, and germicidal lamps must be used under unmanned conditions (light cannot reach the human body). Open the window and ventilate for more than 5 minutes after sterilization.

1. Ultraviolet light can only travel in a straight line, and its penetrating power is weak. Any paper, lead glass, plastic will greatly reduce the irradiation intensity. Therefore, when disinfecting, try to fully expose the disinfected part to ultraviolet light, and periodically wipe the lamp tube, so as not to affect the ultraviolet transmittance and irradiation intensity.

2. Ultraviolet rays can cause great damage to human skin. Use them when there is no one on the spot, not to look directly at the lighted tube with your eyes. Because short-wave ultraviolet rays cannot pass through ordinary glass, wear glasses. Avoid eye damage.

3. In places where people are active, do not use ozone lamps, because ozone can promote the hemoglobin coagulation of the human body, cause insufficient oxygen supply to the human body, cause dizziness, nausea, and affect physical health, especially when the ozone concentration reaches> 0.3ppm (mg / m2), it will cause harm to human body.

4. The purple-blue light in the low-pressure discharge lamp is mercury vapor pressure. Although the intensity of mercury vapor pressure is still related to ultraviolet rays, it does not directly represent the intensity of ultraviolet rays, which means that the intensity of ultraviolet rays cannot be seen with the naked eye. To judge.



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