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Potassium Titanium Oxide Phosphate (KTiOPO4, KTP for short) crystal


AG laser crystal (2)AG laser crystal (1)AG laser crystal (3)AG laser crystal (4)NDYAG crystal rod (1)NDYAG crystal rod (3)NDYAG crystal rod (2)


The KTiOPO4 (KTP) crystal grown by the hydrothermal method is a nonlinear optical crystal with very good performance. It has a large nonlinear coefficient, a wide range of allowable temperature matching and allowable angle matching, and it is resistant to dust and High optical damage threshold, stable chemical and mechanical properties, etc., can be used for laser frequency doubling, sum frequency, difference frequency, parametric oscillation, optical waveguide devices, electro-optical modulators, etc., widely used in military scientific research, medical treatment, marine optics, laser weapons And environmental remote sensing monitoring and other fields. It has the following characteristics:

① High resistance to laser damage, high anti-gray performance, high optical quality

② SHG phase matching angle (1064-532nm): 23.4°(25℃)

③Conductivity: 10-10/Ω·cm level;

④Domain structure: single domain

Technical index:

晶体结构 斜方晶系
晶各参数 a=6.404Å,b=10.616Å, c=12.814Å, Z=8
密度 3.01 g/cm3 
可透波段范围 350~4500nm
SHG相位匹配范围 497 ~1800nm (Type II)
产品尺寸 3x3x5~10mm; 4x4x5~10mm; 5x5x5~15mm
尺寸公差 端面:±0.1mm; 长度:+0.5mm
端面平行度 ≤10"
端面与棒轴垂直度 ≤10′
端面平面度 λ/10@632.8nm
表面质量 20/10(MIL-O-13830A)
倒边 0.15±0.05mm x45°
镀膜 S1:R<0.2%@1064nm + R<0.5%@532nm
S2: R>99.8%1064nm + T>95%@532nm
膜层抗激光损伤阈值 ≥5J/cm2 10ns 10Hz
吸收系数 <0.1%/cm@1064nm <1%/cm@532nm
特殊 根据客户要求定制


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