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Glass capillary 4~25mm length at both ends

Brand: ET
model: ET-001
place of origin: china
Colour: Transparent
Density: 2.2g/cm3
Silica content: 99.99
use: High temperature
Melting point: 1730
Annealing Point 1215
Deformation point 1120
Mohs hardness 7
Coefficient of expansion 5.5
Refractive index 1.4585

1.wrapped with thin white paper .
2.winded with foam material
3.put into the paper carton
4.packed with wooden case

IMG_9399IMG_9407IMG_9403IMG_9393IMG_93931IMG_93951Name: glass capillary at both ends

Brand: ET

Application: quartz glass capillary can be widely used in laser (wire glass tube), optoelectronics, optical communications industry, such as the PLC splitter access terminal, fiber optic splitter, WDM supporting glass capillary WDM, optical fiber sensor, fiber array, fiber optic connectors; in addition the quartz glass capillary in electronic, medical, the optical industry is one of the key components and materials necessary.

Capillary classification: according to the difference of product design and application characteristics, our company can produce and manufacture all kinds of quartz glass capillary and quartz glass capillary rod. Can be divided into:

Firstly, according to the precision is divided into: high precision and medium precision;

Secondly, divided by shape: standard tube, square tube, conical tube, D tube, tube shaped (V type, U type, quartz Mao Xiguan) elliptical tube, hexagonal tube, custom shaped tube

Third, according to the aperture is divided into: circular tube, double tube, perforated pipe, square hole pipe, elliptical hole pipe, eccentric pipe, V pipe, D pipe hole hole type, U type hole pipe, custom shaped hole pipe

Machining difficulties:

The diameter of small size, easy to clean, not easy to hole, not too long.



We mainly do all kinds of quartz glass processing and manufacturing.




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