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Double hole heater, infrared tube, gold plated heater, gold plated tube

Brand: ET
model: ET-001
place of origin: china
Colour: Transparent
Density: 2.2g/cm3
Silica content: 99.99
use: High temperature
Melting point: 1730
Annealing Point 1215
Deformation point 1120
Mohs hardness 7
Coefficient of expansion 5.5
Refractive index 1.4585


Double-hole gold-plated heating tube, double-hole gold-plated infrared radiation heating tube, double-hole medium-wave heating tube

1. Infrared radiant heating tube products cover the entire infrared band to meet the requirements of various materials and heating processes. Choosing a different wavelength of infrared radiant heating tube that matches your production requirements means lower energy consumption, shorter heating times, higher productivity and less equipment investment.

2, high transmittance transparent quartz material of infrared heating tube and special heating wire manufacturing process, so that the output power of single infrared heating tube can be from tens of watts to several kilowatts; double-hole heating tube can be The heating power in the same area is doubled. Infrared heating tubes can be densely arranged to achieve a maximum power output density of 200 KW/M2 (using a short-wave heating tube) and 80 KW/M2 (with a medium-wave heating tube).

3. Our products use a special gold reflective layer or a white inorganic reflective layer to concentrate the infrared radiation towards the heated object, allowing you to achieve higher heating efficiency with less power consumption.

4. Our heating tube uses ET quartz infrared radiant heating tube with high quality transparent quartz glass, so you don't have to worry about the surface rust and peeling that other heaters (such as metal tube heaters, sheet heaters, etc.) usually produce. Make sure you get a clean heating method. In a suitable manner, it is even possible to heat the heating tube in a liquid without contaminating the liquid.

5. Our infrared radiation heating tube is made of high quality transparent quartz glass material with very small thermal inertia, which can quickly heat up and cool down in a few seconds. Good temperature control allows you to get accurate process temperatures and reduce warm-up time to save you considerable energy.

6, our heating tube can provide you with the infrared radiation heating tube of all shapes and sizes you need. Not only single-hole straight pipe, double-hole straight pipe (twisted pipe), but also a variety of special shape heating pipes; as short as a few centimeters, as long as 3.5 meters, to meet your specific requirements.

7. ET high-quality quartz glass tube and heating wire material are equipped with special processing technology, which has created the long service life of Hongkang infrared radiation heating tube. The service life of high-temperature and high-power short-wave tubes is more than 3,000 hours, while the service life of medium and long-wave tubes is as high as 5,000 to 20,000 hours. (Note: The service life varies depending on the type of heating pipe, installation conditions, ambient temperature, etc.)

8, ET quartz high-quality infrared radiation heating tube, of course, you have the price you can accept. Choose Evonik quartz infrared radiant heating tube with high performance price ratio, give up the low-quality and inferior heating tube that often makes you feel a headache. You will get rid of many troubles and focus more on your career.


Application of infrared radiation heating tube:

Suitable for almost all industries that require heating: printing and dyeing, shoemaking, painting, food, electronics, medicine, textiles, wood, paper, automotive, plastics, furniture, metal, heat treatment, packaging machinery, etc.

Suitable for a variety of heating objects: plastics, paper, paint, paint, textiles, cardboard, printed circuit boards, leather, rubber, oil, ceramics, glass, metal, food, vegetables, meat, etc.


Classification of infrared radiation heating tubes:

The essence of infrared radiation is electromagnetic wave radiation, and different frequencies constitute a wide spectrum - from visible light to infrared light. The temperature of the heating wire (filament or carbon fiber, etc.) determines the distribution of the radiation intensity of the heating tube with wavelength. According to the position of the maximum radiation intensity in the spectral distribution, the infrared radiant heating tube is classified into short-wave (wavelength 0.76-2.0 μm), medium-wave (wavelength 2.0-4.0 μm), and long-wave (wavelength 4.0 μm or more) products.

Vacuum tungsten alloy wire double-hole infrared radiation heating tube specification sheet



Total length( mm)


Heated length( mm)





150 – 300

80 – 230


400 – 1400

One side connection


170 – 500

100 – 430


1000 – 3000

270 – 900

200 – 830


1500 – 5000

870 – 2000

800 – 1930


1000 – 3000

2070 – 3000

2000 – 2930


2000 – 5000

160 –500

80 – 420


800 – 3000

Two side connection


300 – 900

220 – 820


1500 – 6000

600 – 1600

520 – 1520


2500 – 10000

700 – 2000

620 – 1920


3000 – 12000

1500 – 3000

1420 – 2920


1500 – 10000



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