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Ce: Nd: YAG crystal rod yellow rod special for laser welding Φ7*110mm


ND YAG rod laser crystal rod (1)NDYAG crystal rod (1)NDYAG crystal rod (2)YAG yellow crystal rod (1)YAG yellow crystal rod (2)YAG yellow crystal rod (3)YAG yellow crystal rod (4)

The laser rod is a solid based on yttrium aluminum garnet crystal.

Ce: Nd: YAG crystal (yellow bar): For flash lamp pumped lasers, the emission spectrum of the pump lamp is a broadband successive pump, and only a few spectral peaks match the absorption peaks of Nd ions, so the usual lamp The pump uses only a small amount of spectral energy, and the power is low. Ce ions are added on the basis of Nd: YAG crystals to form Ce: Nd: YAG is to use Ce ions to absorb photon energy in the ultraviolet spectral region, and transfer the energy to Nd ions in a non-radiative transition method, and then increase In order to improve the utilization rate of the spectrum, the laser rod has high power, low threshold and good repetition frequency characteristics. In addition, it will be harmful to Nd: YAG ultraviolet radiation (long-term ultraviolet radiation will form a color center in the Nd: YAG crystal, and then reduce the laser function of the crystal) for useful use, thus resisting ultraviolet radiation, There is even no need for a special ultraviolet filter quartz sleeve. Ce: Nd: YAG is also known as yellow bar because the crystal becomes yellow after doping with Ce. It can supply Φ1-20(D)*10-140(L)mm laser rods and various slat components, with Nd concentration of 0.6~1.1at.% and Ce concentration of 0.03~0.4at.%.

Common model:



直径(mm) 长度(mm) 价格(元)
3×67 3 67
3×120 3 120
4×120 4 120
5×120 5 120
6×105 6 105
6×120 6 120
6×130 3 130
6×145 6 145
6×150 6 150
6.35×105 6 105
7×120 7 120
7×130 7 130
7×145 7 145
7×1 7 155
8×130 8 130
8×145 8 145
8×155 8 155
8×165 8 165
8×185 8 185
8×210 8 210

Technical Parameters


Doping concentration                                                                 Nd: 0.1~1.3at%

Crystal orientation                                                                      [111] or [100], within 5° deviation

Wavefront distortion                                                                   See below

Extinction Ratio                                                                            See below

Crystal rod size                                                                           Diameter: 2~15mm, length: 3~200mm, can be 

customized according to customer requirements

Dimensional tolerance                                                               Diameter: +0.00/-0.05mm, length: ±0.5mm

Cylindrical processing                                                                400# abrasive for fine grinding or polishing

Parallelism of end face                                                                  ≤ 10"

Perpendicularity between end face and rod axis                           ≤ 5′

Flatness of end face                                                                    λ/10 @632.8nm

Surface Quality                                                                           10-5 (MIL-O-13830A)

Inverted                                                                                       0.15±0.05mm

Anti-reflection coating reflectivity                                               ≤ 0.25% @1064nm

Anti-laser damage threshold of film                                            ≥500MW/cm2



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