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4-12 inch glass wafer

Brand: ET
model: ET-001
place of origin: china
Colour: Transparent
Density: 2.2g/cm3
Silica content: 99.99
use: High temperature
Melting point: 1730
Annealing Point 1215
Deformation point 1120
Mohs hardness 7
Coefficient of expansion 5.5
Refractive index 1.4585

Quartz Wafer01 (4)Quartz Wafer01 (5)Quartz Wafer01 (9)Quartz Wafer01 (7)Quartz Wafer01 (10)Quartz Wafer01 (13)

Borosilicate 3.3 float glass

   High borosilicate glass (also known as hard glass) is made by using the properties of glass to conduct electricity at high temperatures. It is heated inside the glass to achieve glass melting. It is processed by advanced production technology. The linear thermal expansion coefficient is (3.3±0.1). )×10-6/K, also called "borosilicate glass 3.3". It is a special glass material with low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high light transmittance and high chemical stability. Because of its excellent performance, it is widely used in solar energy, chemical industry, pharmaceutical packaging, and electric light sources. , Craft jewelry and other industries. Its good performance has been widely recognized by all walks of life in the world

Product Features

Good high temperature resistance

Excellent thermal shock resistance

Excellent transmittance, can be used for various optical purposes

Light weight and high strength


Application areas:

·Semiconductors, microelectronics, sensors (optical communications, silicon wafer bonding, CCD/CMOS, MEMS, IC packaging, wafers, substrates and optical components)

·Medical technology, biotechnology (microarray chip, glass slide, DNA array, microscope slide, microtiter plate, X-ray cover plate, culture vessel)

·Environmental engineering, chemical industry (corrosion-resistant lining of reactor, fluid system and observation mirror)

·Optics (digital projector mirror, optical instrument, telescope lens, ultraviolet mirror, namely UV mirror, filter, cold light mirror, reflector cover, color wheel, dichroic filter, folding mirror, DWDM filter)

·Lighting (stage lighting, spotlights, spotlights, and protection panels for high-power floodlights)

·Home appliances (microwave oven door, pyrolysis oven door, fryer cover, oven lamp protective cover, household oven tray, industrial drum washing machine)

·Photovoltaic system (solar cell substrate)


Technical Parameters

1. Factory size (mm): 1150×850; 1200×600; 1150×1700

                           (Other sizes can be produced on request)

2. Thickness (mm): 2.0-15

3. Density (g/㎝3): 2.23±0.02 (at 25℃)

4. Expansion coefficient (α): 3.3±0.1×10-6 (20-300℃)

5. Softening point (℃): 820±10

6. The temperature difference performance of the same film (℃): >100 >300 (enhanced)

7. Thermal shock resistance (℃): ≥125 >300 (enhanced)

8. **Working temperature (℃): ≥450

9. Visible light transmittance: 92% (thickness≤4mm) 91% (thickness≥5mm)


Chemical properties

1. Water resistance: ISO719/DIN12111 ISO720 HGA1

2. Acid resistance: ISO1776/DIN12116 1

3. Alkali resistance: ISO695/DIN52322 A2

Electrical performance

1. Resistivity lgρ: 8.0Ω×cm at 250℃

2. Dielectric loss tanσ (1 trillion cycles at 20°C): 38×10-4

3. Dielectric constant: ε=4.7


*Other calibration sizes can be provided according to customer requirements.



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